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Underline Text Generator

Generate your unique underlined fonts

About Underline Text Generator

Underline Text Generator is a tool for web developers and programmers to create text in a font style with no descenders and only contains uppercase letters. It renders the text inside of the generated element as outlines rather than glyphs so that it can emulate the appearance of an all-caps headline but does not include any visual complexity.

This allows for the most accurate spacing, kerning, hyphenation, and letterforms when rendered at display sizes on different platforms. Underline Text Generator is particularly useful for making layouts work on mobile devices, as it can be filled with pure whitespace and eliminate the need for alternate font sizing.

Features of Underline Text Generator

  • Enables the creation of all-uppercase text.
  • Does not include any descenders.
  • No styling is required to be applied to make it render correctly on different platforms and devices.
  • Removes the need for ugly hacks on certain websites when running on older browsers or mobile devices where other text could be rendered incorrectly (such as lines wrapping onto multiple lines).

How does the Underline Text Generator work?

Underline Text Generator uses font shapes to simulate a monospace or all-caps style in which only the letters A-Z are used, with two underscores or an underscore and a space used as hyphens to separate words. See the demo .html file for some examples.

Underline Text Generator has been tested on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, IE8, and IE9. It uses an option to opt out of subpixel rendering when using web fonts (such as those used in the demo).

Text inside the generated element is rendered as a series of character outlines. It has been tested to work on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and IE8+. The default value is true; you can choose between false, true, or 1 for the CSS text-transform property to disable this behavior. This option makes your text appear much smoother on mobile devices.

How to use Underline Text Generator?

  • Copy the text to the Underline Text Generator and paste it into your website.
  • Click on the “Generate” button below your text and paste it into your website.
  • Your text is generated! That’s it!