Discord Text Formatting Generator (Markdown Syntax For Discord)

Discord Text Formatting Generator

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There’s no denying that Discord has become an important tool in our daily lives. The platform is easy to use, light on our PCs and data plans and more and more people are using it with each passing day. However, sometimes simplicity comes with its issues.

Since Discord is mainly invested in making sure you pick it up quickly, it doesn’t bother explaining some of its functions. And when it comes to Discord text formatting most of us stumbled into it by accident.

So today we’ll present you with a simple Discord text formatting guide. This way you won’t mix your italics and bold ever again and will be able to add more style to your chats.

Understanding basic Discord Syntax

Formatting text in Discord relies solely on Markdown. This text formatting system is simple to grasp and even simpler to use, all you need to remember is to add characters at the start and end of your sentences.

Markdown gives each formatting style a special character, and once it notices a piece of text is “wrapped” on these characters it changes its formatting. So you can add any supported style to a sentence as long as you remember the associated character.

Discord Text Formatting

Discord supported Styles

At its core Discord supports 4 main types of formatting styles: Italics, Bold, Underline, and Strikethrough. However, some of these characters can be combined to support additional styles. So if you include the combined styles Discord gives you access to 8 formats for your text.

The first one we’ll take a look at is Italics. To use Italics all you need to do is to use either an Asterik or an Underscore to wrap your sentence. So if you write either *Sentence* or _Sentence_ on Discord, your message will appear like this: Sentence.

The second style on the list is Bold. Bold only has one associated character in the form of an Asterisk, but you need to use it twice at the start and end of your sentence. This means that when you write **Sentence** on Discord it’ll show up as Sentence.

The next style is Underline which fittingly uses two Underscores for its Syntax. So just write __Sentence__ on your text box and it should appear as Sentence on the chat itself.

The last one in the four basic styles is Strikethrough which uses the Tilde as its symbol. This means that by writing ~Sentence~ your text will come across like this Sentence.

Those are the basics of formatting on Discord, but by combining them we get access to additional styles to use on our chats. These additional formats are Bold Italics, Underline Italics, Underline Bold and Underline Bold Italics. All you need to do is to use the different symbols together.

So Bold Italics requires three Asterisks on each end, one for Italics and two for Bold (*** Word ***). Underline Italics use two underscores and one Asterik in that order (__* Word *__). Underline Bold is the same but with two Asterisks (__** Word **__), and Underline Bold Italics combines all the symbols (__*** Word **-__).

Ultimately the idea is simple, you just need to memorize the 4 basic characters. But once you do, formatting your text will become second nature.