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Have Fun Using Reverse Text

Hi! So you’ve some time looking for that cool reverse text you’ve seen on social media. Some of your friends use them on Facebook, Instagram, instant messaging, etc.

Yeah, that upside down font looks quite funny, and you want to use it.

OK, you’ve come to the right place. Here you have a wonderful free mirror text generator tool, and it works very well.

What is it? And what is not?

An upside down text generator is an online tool you can use for free. This tool offers a simple way to flip text upside down. You write the text, click on a button, and voila!

But don’t get confused. There are some other similar tools like the reverse text generator, backwards text generator, or backwards text converter. These tools give you different results.

With a proper reverse text generator, when you enter a text like this:

“Hello World!”.

You get a result like this:

“!dlɹoʍ ollǝH”.

Next, you can copy and paste your text on social media, the web, or wherever you like. Also, don’t forget to visit the glitch text generator and Fortnite fonts generator.

How to make text upside down?

Have you ever heard about Unicode? Basically, it’s a standard for the informatics industry.

The Unicode Consortium works on a list of all the possible character types – almost 150,000 to date. These letters should be in every device available, including PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc.

The most of biggest tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple to name a few, follow this standard, or at least a part of it. This is better than implementing their own lists. In this list, there are some characters that are variations or are very similar, to these in our normal alphabet.
The magic is to find those “special characters” and next, link them to their corresponding characters in the alphabet – what you use in your keyboard every day.

So, there isn’t really a font type reverse, it’s just a witty trick 😉

Now, the fun part: Uses of flipped text

In an artistic professional way

Let’s suppose you’re a computer graphics designer, for example. You could use flipped or mirror text to integrate in some of your creations, like logos or covers for eBooks.

To have fun with your friends

You can have some funny moments when communicating with your friends, either by email or instant messengers like MSN, Windows Live, or Google Talk. Send them those rare texts and laugh while they try to understand.

To use in social media

Use the tool to turn text upside down, then use this text on funny posts on social media, or as decorative stuff for your profiles or comments.

Reverse and upside down text generator

For security

Another serious use for your flipped text. You can create usernames nobody has, or indecipherable passwords on websites that require it. You just combine some reverse text with some normal text like:

“This is your dɹoʍssɐd”

Did you know Leonardo da Vinci used a similar kind of simple cryptography?

You have tried and isn’t working

If this is happening to you, it doesn’t mean the tool is malfunctioning. Remember that although Unicode is a standard, not all devices or websites will be necessarily using it.

It could be that:

  • The website doesn’t admit special characters
  • The web browser is out of date
  • The device isn’t compatible with Unicode
  • Or your device is damaged in some way, sorry 🙁