Small Font Generator

Our small text generator lets you make smaller font text by easily doing copy and pasting. Convert any Normal text into Small Text using our font changer.

Have you ever wanted to save a font as small as possible? They say that the smallest font size in PDF is 10. But sometimes, it needs to be bigger, especially when you want to embed text into images. This generator will help with that problem and make it easy for someone who knows how to use this tool.

What is a Small Text generator?

Small Font Generator is an online tool designed specifically for people who need a tiny font but don’t want the text quality to suffer by going below the 10-point size. This free web app is an optimal solution for designers and developers who might like the ability to create a custom typeface with just the right number of points from which they can work.

Small Font Generator is a simple and easy-to-use tool that may bring the desired result. Here are the steps to follow to get a tiny font:

  1. Type your text into the text box that appears on the screen.
  2. Click “Generate” button to generate the font.
  3. Copy and paste the code into your reader.

This generator is free, has a simple interface, and is easy to use, but at the same time, it is powerful and straightforward. It may be helpful to designers, developers, or designers that need a tiny font without losing the quality of the text.

Small text generator online

What Sites Allow Small Texts?

Almost every website has the option to customize the font size. If a website offers a choice between font sizes, choose the smallest font you can find. For example, Facebook gives users a selection between 13 and 30-point fonts.

The smallest font size which can be chosen on most websites is 10. The best website to use when you want your text to be tiny is Facebook.

You should also avoid using large fonts on your website. Large fonts draw attention, distract readers and make it difficult for them to focus on the content. They also hurt the readability and usability of your site.

Small Font Generator For Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram allow users to customize the font size. Like most websites, they offer a choice between 13 and 30-point fonts. The best option on Facebook is the smallest font that can be chosen, 10. The same can be said for its sister app, Instagram.

If you want your text to be as small as possible without affecting readability and reducing text quality, you should use these apps. You will also get to play around with different sizes of fonts and test them for yourself before you choose the one that you like the most.

Small Font Generator For Linkedin

Like Facebook and Instagram, Linkedin allows users to customize the font size. Like most websites, they offer a choice between 9, 12, and 18-point fonts. The best option on Linkedin is the smallest font that can be chosen, 10. Smaller fonts are designed specifically for text links that need to be tiny but still have great readability.

How to use Small Font Generator

Using this tool, you can select the size of the font, change it up or down, and change the background and outline colors. You also have the option to choose whether or not there will be a drop shadow. This tool is free to use, and it is very functional.

You will find it very easy to generate fonts with small sizes that you won’t find anywhere else. This tool uses HTML5 technologies and makes it easy to copy and paste your text that has been converted into a tiny font into your website, Word document, or PDF.

You also get an option to convert your old fonts into tiny fonts by simply copying and pasting the code in the box.

This tool is suitable for websites, articles, and even e-books. Be sure to refrain from copying or posting the generated text from this site for commercial use. Instead, you can use it on your blog or on your website.